Bacteria B1 Boilies

Bacteria B1 Boilies

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The Bacteria B1 boilie range is available in a range of different sizes. In terms of applying a quality food source that’s screaming ‘EAT ME!!’ to the carp, it really could not be any sweeter…

20 Kilo + orders - please call for prices. 



Product Review 

"I was first introduced to SAE Baits over a decade ago and started out using the infamous Crab and Oyster boilie, this contained pre-digested South American fish meal's, capelin meal, blended milk proteins, high grade yeasts, with blended seaweeds. It was instantly attractive to the fish I was angling for and became my single choice for most of the venues I was fishing. I had been using this to great effect for about a year when I went to collect another batch, Scott showed me another bait that was in the testing stage and I was lucky to leave his unit with a 5 kg bag of what was the Bacteria B1.

Fishing this alongside the Crab and Oyster, it soon become obvious to me that the B1 was picking out the larger fish in the lakes. In no time it was a no brainer to switch across to it on all rods. The B1 being totally different in it's make up, but nevertheless, another quality food bait consisting of aquatic feed stuffs and marine products. With a microscopic algae and a 100 % natural bacteria , once the bacteria is wet it becomes highly active and aggressively starts to digest the bait, as the water enters the boilie the bacteria start to breed and huge amounts of food signals are released into the water column, Tanks tests are amazing to watch.

One example of the efficiency of the B1 being a trip up onto the Staffordshire moorlands for a bit of a social, to a lake I had never set eyes on, The lake had never seen the bait previously. Within the first 2 hours of getting rods out id banked a rather large common so was chuffed to bits, but the following morning I would receive a second take to the baited area producing an even larger common, soon followed by a mirror carp to equal the commons. As it would turn out I had banked the 3 largest carp in the lake within 18 hours of arriving. A sure sign the fish were being selective in their choice of food.

As winter drew on I was tempted to get back onto the milk protein baits as was the norm, but after a chat with Scott I was reassured the B1 would retain its pulling power during the colder months. Trusting in the B1 would eventually see me have my best ever winters fishing, with results comparable to autumnal angling not winter.

Another example of the pulling power of the B1 was on a small, quite pressured syndicate with a low stock, I would regularly bank the resident biggie to the dismay of others chasing the fish, I think in 14 months I caught it 5 times, such is the pulling power of the B1. Often it would be seen going back to the feed area , eating and leaving, to soon be back again for more. Now this lake also had one very elusive carp, not a big fish by today's standards but this fish had only ever been caught and recorded twice in 35 years! Staggering to believe, yet true. I managed to bank the fish for only its 3rd capture. Fish seem to be highly attracted to the activity of the bacterial blooms that are coming off the baits and just cant help themselves and keep coming back for more.

Since the early days of the B1, sport has been consistent for me and using it certainly takes the doubt about bait out the equation, if I'm blanking its me doing something wrong. My confidence in the bait is 100%". 

Phillip Wain, 2021.