Crab and Oyster: What It's All About

Crab and Oyster….What’s it about? The only thing simple about this bait is the name, which stuck during the extensive testing period this bait went through before release. The bait itself was designed as an out-and-out all year round food bait.

Dealing with the amino acid profile of the bait was a painstaking process, as the protein quality in the ingredients was crucial and to get the best profiles only the finest ingredients would do. The protein quality in the ingredients depended mostly on the amino acid make up of the proteins; the closer the EAA (essential amino acid) profiles of the proteins to the dietary requirements of the carp, the more the carp would be able to utilise the bulk of the ingredients. With an overall profile of 8 to 16% oils, 35 – 42% protein, and complex carbohydrates, we managed a finished bait with a biological value of 98%… Perfect.

The bait lends itself to a base of pre-digested South American fishmeal, capelin meal, blended milk proteins, pharmaceutical grade yeasts, blended seaweeds and a further  fibre source is also added to aid movement along the digestive tract. Last but not least an excellent vitamin and mineral premix is added along with a high level of Vitamin C. The base mix is complemented with an attractive liquid package creating an excellent ph shift on the lake bed and through the water column over a steady period. These consist of liquidised crab extract, pure omega oil and some seriously potent secret edges…

The finished bait also incorporates three digestive aids giving awesome breakdowns of certain components for real pulling power and fantastic digestibility. The Crab and Oyster has gone from strength to strength with our customer base and has literally accounted for thousands of specimens from all over the country. For short or long term campaigns, this bait’s got it covered.