About Us

 Welcome to S.A.E Bait Developments – the home of top quality carp bait!

If you are looking for top quality rolled baits made fresh to order each and every time, then you’ve come to the right place…

As always, our baits are rolled in-house and fresh for each order to ensure you’re given the best quality products possible to bank fish consistently. We do not roll baits for anybody else, and we do not have any of our baits contract rolled for us via third parties, as many now seem to do (it’s worth checking if your own bait is actually made in house by the company you think is making it… you may well be surprised!!).  We believe the only way to have 100% confidence in the bait is to make it 100% in house, and we’d like to think the results of our regular customers speak for themselves.

We’ve been making top quality bait for more years than we care to mention, yet we strive to innovate at every opportunity so that our customers can have complete confidence in each and every one of our bait ranges.

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