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Skins… An old school bait originally put together in the 80s and kept under the radar ever since until demand has forced it out. A ridiculously potent hookbait and another real edge on any given day at any time of the year… Don’t open these indoors – you have been warned!!

All our Under The Counter Range can be fished as stand alone hookbaits or fished over the top of any of our matching rolled food bait, and come as 10mm up to 16mm baits and in Pop ups, Wafters or Hard bottoms.


Product Review 

"Skins, well what can I say about them apart from what an edge they have been for me over the last 3 years that I have had them at my disposal... 

Anyone that knows me knows that I don't fish lightly for the carp, I am a focused and sometimes stubborn carp angler pitting my wits on usually under-stocked hardcore waters. The first time I'd used the Skins was on such a venue, very deep in its nature and extremely low stocked and I was amazed to get off the mark so quickly with a beautiful fully scaled cracker, so after this my confidence was sky high... 

Bank time is always precious, so everything I do has to be bang on. So whether fished over pre-baited Crab and Oyster or has a stand alone hookbait, the Skins have gone on too be a major part of my arsenal. Though they are not a pleasant to the smell or taste, in every situation they have come up trumps for me and in every month of the year...

I am currently fishing a very large difficult water that is dominated by bait boats. Even though I always seem to be at a disadvantage, the Skins again over the Crab and Oyster or as single hitters have seen me more than competing and I'm now not willing to leave home anytime soon without them... 

Watch this space. Tight Lines."

Tim Collins, 2021